Now the question is, are you ready to do the work to live the life of your dreams?

you are worthy of EXQUISITE love, pleasure, and connection.

Men, Women...
Singles, couples...

It is okay to be resistant
It is okay to be nervous
It is okay to be afraid
It is okay to feel
whatever you
are feeling...

This is revolutionary work we are doing. It totally makes sense to have big emotions around these topics.

Which is why I welcome it all and create a safer space for you to be able to feel and process it all... The essential stepping stones to get your desires.

Through our time together you will learn not only incredible tools for deeper intimacy. But you will also learn these essential life skills...

How to communicate, how to navigate challenging emotions, how to move energy through your body, and how to make the unconscious, conscius...

These tools will empower you to be a conscious creator of your own life.





To AUTHENTICALLY connect and communicate

Are you ready to thrive?

If you are looking for a whole being transformational and awakening journey...

Then let's get the party started!


I offer 1:1 or 2:1 coaching packages via zoom. These sessions are curated just for you.

I have several online courses that you can dive right into. I also offer LIVE online courses.

Workshops, private deep dives, group retreats, festivals, dance events, temples, play parties, and more...

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Somatic Coaching

Online Courses

let's get beyoncé-level confident

I use a desire-based method to co-create with you the perfect container for your transformation. Through personalized coaching, you will be guided through several Tantric and Somatic Experiencing sessions.

These are incredible body based therapeutic approaches that tap into the innate wisdom of the body to heal and transform. Through this process, we can regain a deep sense of safety, joy, and aliveness, opening up new pathways for pleasure, intimacy, and self-discovery.

Each session is unique..  We let the wisdom of your body guide you on a transformative journey of healing and liberation.

1:1 or 2:1 online sessions & Packages

  • Orgasmic Liberation
  • Yoni Egg Initiation
  • Sex Magic
  • Sexy Self Love
  • Sex with Plant Medicine
  • Sexual Healing
  • Sacred Sexuality Series
  • and many more...

Live lessons, guided practices, & ON-DEMAND VIDEOS

I get hired for ALL sorts of fun events... From very vanilla PG educational workshops to out of this world erotic and kinky events. Have an idea? Send it my way!

  • Sensual Arts, Dance, Tantric, Rewild Retreats
  • Music, Dance, Tantra, Yoga, and Consciousness Festivals
  • Play parties, Conscious Kink, & Temple events
  • Bachelorette, Bachelor, Bday Parties
  • Workshops and classes at Universities 
  • Red Tent offerings
  • Rites of Passage
  • Nature Ceremonies
  • and many more...

Workshops, private deep dives, group retreats, festivals, dance events, temples, play parties, and more...

In-Person Experiences



I realized that healing doesn't have to be long and painful.

From a shy and insecure lover to confident King in the bedroom...




Can you believe I went 33 years without ever having one? I started to believe something was wrong with me and I was broken. I was hopeless and assumed I would die without ever knowing. Brittney changed everything for me. She believed in me, created specific practices just for me, held the sweetest space for my healing, and low and behold... I not only learned how to have an orgasm... BUT I AM MULTI ORGASMIC NOW!!!

I encourage any person who is on a journey of self-discover and awakening to work with Brittney.

She meets you where you are, in each moment, and somehow knows exactly what to say and do to take you on the most incredible and transformational journey.

I realized that healing doesn't have to be long and painful. Each session I was healing with ease and pleasure. It was phenomenal. Plus now I feel confident to continue to do this work on my own. 

I was very hesitant to start this work, however, Brittney made me feel so safe and I was able to heal some of my deepest sexual traumas. Plus getting advice from a woman's perspective was really supportive. 

I can confidently say I'm a King in the bedroom now. I can last as long as I want and have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms (I didn't even know this was possible).

My wife went from not wanting sex, to not getting enough of me... and I'm not complaining! We are constantly having mind blowing sex!

I'm so grateful I leaned into the discomfort and got the support I was needing. My life is so much more fulfilled now and it continues to ripple out into my life.

Love from the people

We met on the dance floor... And I was floored by her. 

I never thought I'd hire a sex coach. I didn't really have anything I thought I could work on. I'm attractive, know how to please women, and feel confident.

However, after I had a dance with Brittney, I became very curious because she had a different quality about her. She is a "beginner" dancer in some ways but she had next level presence, connection, and exuded so much joy. It was moving and inspiring. How was she so smiley?! 

I finally was starting to understand where the name “Bliss” comes from, and I wanted to experience it in my life too! I had been moving through years of depression and disconnection. Things were numb. Dance brought me joy but it was still just surface level connection. 

I’ve never had an issue attracting women… but those connections were also missing the depth of presence that I felt Brittney bring tot even our dances. I had to learn and I’m so glad I said yes because It transformed my world in ways I didn't even know I needed.

I didn’t realize I had so many blockages to more vulnerable intimacy. Brittney helped me unpack them and learn how to authentically connect. My dancing is better… sex is better… and life is better! And I know this is just the tip of the iceberg as well…

I'm stoked to start another coaching package with Brittney!!!

- Travis

I'm blown away...

"I'm blown away by the Sacred Sexuality course. It offers the physical aspects, the hard science, wrapped together with the energetic and spiritual side of things, it is a beautiful representation on how they all come together.

The way she shares the information is like learning from a friend.


Awakened intimacy is a conscious and transformative approach to relationships. The "awakening" doesn't end... it is a practice of continuously awakening to the present moment in the relationship and consciously choosing how you are showing up in ALL of your relationships. This is key being able to have the deeper and more fulfilling connections in your life. 

It is a powerful journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. It requires individuals to engage in ongoing self-reflection, personal development, and a willingness to step out of their comfort zones. It encourages individuals to approach intimacy with curiosity, compassion, and an open heart, fostering deeper connections, emotional intimacy, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

My approach to Awakened Intimacy often incorporates practices from various disciplines, such as mindfulness, tantra, somatic experiencing, and conscious relating. It invites individuals to explore their sensuality, sexuality, and emotional landscape in a conscious and awakened manner. Through practices like meditation, breathwork, conscious touch, and deep listening, individuals can cultivate a heightened sense of presence, connection, and intimacy.

This pathway of relating Involves a deep exploration of oneself, one's desires, emotions, vulnerabilities, and authentic expression, as well as a genuine connection with others. We go beyond conventional notions of intimacy and dive into a deeper levels of connection, where individuals are fully present, emotionally available, and willing to explore the depths of their beings with their partners. Open and honest communication, vulnerability, and the willingness to explore and honor one's own and their partner's desires and boundaries is essential. Which requires creating a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can express their authentic selves, share their desires and fears, and engage in deep emotional and physical connection.

Ultimately, awakened intimacy invites us to move beyond superficial connections and embrace a more authentic and meaningful experience of intimacy in our relationships. It offers a pathway to deepening our connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us, cultivating a profound sense of love, understanding, and presence.


Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is an incredible therapeutic approach that taps into the innate wisdom of the body to heal and transform. Developed by Peter A. Levine, it helps us release trauma and access our body's innate capacity for resilience and self-regulation.

By gently guiding us to reconnect with our bodily sensations and unlocking the energy trapped in our nervous system, Somatic Experiencing allows us to release the patterns of stress, anxiety, and trauma held in our bodies. It’s most often used to help people overcome symptoms tied to trauma, since it may allow someone to become “unstuck” in the fight, flight, or freeze response.

Through this process, we can regain a deep sense of safety, joy, and aliveness, opening up new pathways for pleasure, intimacy, and self-discovery. Somatic Experiencing offers a powerful invitation to reconnect with our bodies and reclaim our wholeness, empowering us to live fully and authentically. 

During all of my sessions and teachings, we le the wisdom of your body guide you on a transformative journey of healing and liberation. Basically, I will guide you through processes that connect your body to your brain, heart, and soul. 

We will focus on the felt sense feelings in your body vs using just basic talk therapy principles. This will not only help you learn how to feel more pleasure… but it will get to the root of wounding and things holding you back from your desires.

A philosophy and spiritual path of weaving and expanding consciousness while recognizing the divinity in all things.

It is a path that encourages you to fully be your human self, while also shedding all of the layers that are no longer serving you. It is a path of LIBERATION and awakening.

A lot of people confuse tantra with sex. It isn't just about sex. it just so happens to include it... and since this is where a lot of CONDITIONING is, there is a lot of room for expansion if we bring these teachings to that area of life.

What is tantra?

My coaching methodology is tantric in nature because each practice was developed with the philosophical understanding that each part of us - each thought, feeling, experience, is an energy vibration resonating from the one great Goddess (consciousness).

Many coaching practices focus only on changing the mind or transforming reality into the positive. Where the core underlying belief of my work is the WE are sacred and through embracing and accepting reality, we become more whole and recognize the deeper truth of who we are.

Classical vs Neo Tantra

It is important to differentiate these two as they come from very different backgrounds and it is important to respect the lineages... and yet they also intermix in some ways as well. 

Classical Tantra: includes in depth initiation processes, hatha yoga, kundalini mudras, mantras, pranayama, deity — all to realize the truth of this holy oneness. 

Neo Tantra (modern): shaking, breath work, sounding, meditation, sexual and energy practices, emotional liberation tools, trauma awareness, and deeper personal development work. It is a rapid form of awakening because it is directly working with the body.

My tantric Approach


As part of the tantric philosophy, I recognize that everything is a part of consciousness and is divine. Sure some things can come into higher states of consciousness and alignment... In fact that is what AWAKENED INTIMACY is all about. Continuously awakening to the present moment and expanding consciousness.

Through this understanding, I recognize that the body has an energy system and I guide my clients to work with this powerful energy to systematically liberate and awaken the natural state of flow within. As a result, this helps them awaken to the aliveness and whole (holiness) that has always been inside of them.

I'm all about empowering my clients to tap into their own power and innate wisdom. I am just a guide, deeply honored to be supporting them on their path.


Let's hop on a no pressure call to chat, get clarity around your desires, understand what is holding you back from having the intimacy of your dreams, and figure out what some of the next steps are.

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