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Hey there, I'm Brittney Bliss, your go-to Somatic Intimacy Coach and Wilderness Therapy Guide. I'm on a mission to guide individuals in cultivating meaningful connections - not just with others, but with themselves, the Earth, and the cosmic energy that surrounds us.

My toolkit is as diverse as the landscapes I traverse - from somatic experiencing to classical and neo tantra, yoga, and even exploring the outer realms of pleasure. I weave in aspects like conscious kink, shadow integration, and conscious exploration of the wilderness to create a transformative experience.

Picture this: a blend of neuroscience, aspecting and parts work, breath-work, meditation, gentle plant medicine, astrology, and embodiment practices, all tailored to help you not just heal, but to awaken that life force energy within you. It's not just about therapy; it's about expanding consciousness in a way that's deeply integrative and uniquely yours.

Join me on this journey, and let's explore the realms of connection and self-discovery together.

I'm Brittney, a Somatic Intimacy  Coach & Wilderness Witch

While experiencing more passion, pleasure, and purpose throughout all aspects of their lives.

Because Life is too short to not fully love and accept yourself, to be having MEDIOCRE relationships, UNSATISFYING sex, and living an unfulfilling disconnected life.

I help people THRIVE!

Are  you ready to make the change?

To experience Awakened Intimacy?

I'm talking about the kind of INTIMACY THAT can COMPLETELY transform your life...

the way of relating (to yourself, others, and the world) that expands your consciousness and supports you with becoming your highest most aligned self...

this isn't necessarily the "easy" Path. It requires work...

Meeting the present moment of what is and consciously choosing what happens next.

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From a very young age, I experienced heartbreaking abuse and trauma…

Which made me terrified of relationships and I closed myself off to soul-expanding love.

My sexuality was numb, shut down, and shamed. I didn’t know how to communicate my boundaries, let alone my desires…

I was far from embodied. I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. I wasn’t confident with myself or secure in relationships.

I didn’t love myself and I didn’t let anyone else get close enough to love me truly. 

I was shut off from life force. Depressed. Lonely. I continued to numb out. Not feel my feelings. Not open myself up.

I played it safe. So I *hopefully* wouldn’t get hurt again. 

But the truth was, I was hurting myself.  Self sabotaging. Keeping myself small. Not fully expecting the incredible gift of life, love, connection, pleasure, and intimacy. 

And I finally had to make a choice.
To reclaim my power, my voice, my sexuality, my heart. To grow from my deepest wounds. To become my highest self.

I've dedicated my life to studying this work... First, so I could heal myself. Now to support others in their healing and awakening paths.

I now see and feel these lessons as gifts. They inspire me to show up every day and support thousands of people on their healing journeys.

I dream of a world without abuse and trauma... But I also know hurt people, hurt people. So I’m here to help put an end to that. To spread positive education. To hold healing containers. To create transformational experiences. So we can all open our hearts and experience transformational awakened intimacy together. 

I know what it's like to struggle with intimacy.

My Vibe, Approach, & Passions

Professionally, I am a Somatic Intimacy Coach and Wilderness Therapy guide.

However I am also extremely passionate about Brazilian Zouk partner dancing, which takes up a lot of my “free” time and brings me a lot of joy. I love how the art of “leading” and “following” shows up in so many different aspects of our lives. I find great benefit in exploring other ways of connecting, especially creative, authentic, and playful connections. Dance meets a lot of these needs in my life and you'll often hear me referencing the benefits of various embodiment practices.

I am also a lifelong student of astrology and human design. Well I may not be a “professional” in these areas, they are a big part of me, and show up in my work as well. I love reading my clients charts, creating offerings around what is happening astrologically, and referencing the current astrological events.

As Leo sun, Cancer rising, and Capricorn moon, in Human Design, a Mental Projector, working with me is like working with your biggest cheerleader and BFF that you can fully open up to. My offerings are delicious, nourishing, and the best part... they work. 

I'm super easy to open up to and relate with. I help you see your brightest version of yourself while holding you with the gentlest and most profound love to keep you accountable while moving towards your desires. I have a deep knowing and trust in our ability to nourish our bodies and souls through connection, pleasure, and quality time with nature. I am bold, nurturing, down-to-Earth, and I fully believe in your ability to heal and awaken to your desires.

I use revolutionary tools to heal and awaken sexuality holistically. I practice merging the scientific with the sacred to create transformation on the deepest levels. Working with me involves an embodied approach vs. just talking about it. I help people feel their bodies to connect with what is happening inside them and transform it into their desires. This allows for the work to be much deeper than the standard talk therapy approach.

I apply a blend of holistic tools like breathwork, self-pleasure rituals, trauma healing, meditative practices, energy work, sounding, movement, and wilderness therapy. This method offers a unique approach to healing and awakening sexuality.

My methodology is backed by the latest neuroscience and empowered by ancient tantric wisdom. I support people dropping into their primal brain and subconscious, which allows them to resolve the issues on the deepest levels.

I utilized a desire-based coaching system so you don't spend all of your time focusing on what's wrong or holding you back. Instead, you use your vision of what you desire to propel you forward and motivate you to heal and integrate whatever keeps you from living your most profound dreams.

I work with clients online through one-on-one transformational coaching and online courses. I also facilitate international workshops, ceremonies, gatherings, and retreats.

With over a decade of experience, I’ve had the profound honor of supporting people in healing sexual trauma and awakening their bodies to out-of-this-world pleasure so they can have incredible and fulfilling lives.

Most people come to me to experience more passion, pleasure, deeper intimacy, and connection to life. 

A lot of folks are feeling depleted, depressed, uninspired, shutdown, and not fulfilled. I noticed an interesting pattern in many people’s lives: they are disconnected from the natural world. They live in big cities and concrete jungles. They are working online, sitting at desks, eating processed foods, drinking city water, and not getting enough sunlight. This has a significant impact on our health.

Of course, you won’t feel pleasure, turn on, bliss, or even happiness. You’re depleted from the essential nourishment of the Earth.

Our connection to the natural world is the foundation to thriving. I can’t work on helping you feel more pleasure if you’re not getting your basic needs met first. Love, safety, belonging, nourishment, and connection. This is ALWAYS the foundation I start with when working with my clients. 

Over the years, I’ve discovered that helping people resource and reconnect with the Earth has profoundly impacted their entire lives… including their sex, love, and relationships.

Most impactfully, I've found that it helps people heal their attachment wounds, feel a deep sense of belonging and connection, awaken creativity (sexual energy) and inspiration, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and helps people rejuvenate.

Nature connection benefits us on multiple levels - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It helps us understand and appreciate the natural world, promotes our well-being, and encourages us to become responsible stewards of the environment.

Which is one of our most important relationships to nurture.

I thought you would never ask ;)

So what is up with the cross roads between sex, love, relationships,
AND nature?

What in the world is a "Wilderness Witch"?

Another great question...

First of all, everything I do is in the name of the highest consciousness and most profound love. Perhaps some folks resonate with the terms God, Goddess, Universe, and Spirit. I believe they’re all one of the same.

"Wilderness" because of my deep love and connection with the natural world.  I'm trained in Somatic Wilderness Therapy, outdoor adventure guiding, ancestral skills, survival skills, plant medicine, astrology, human design, and more.

To me, "Wilderness Witch," is a fun play on words. And a reclamation of the word "witch" as well.

I believe back in the day, witches were healers, people who works with the seasons, cycles, elements, plants, and energy. Which these are def things I resonate with and bring into my offerings... In combination with science!

I really resonate with the pagan practices. You bet I honor the moon cycles, menstrual cycles, and changing of seasons. I make potions, cast spells (prayers), and create transformation in folks lives. But not in the “evil” way.

I grow herbs and make tinctures. I support my clients by making delicious aphrodisiac elixirs, teas, yoni steams, pleasure-based lubes, and heart-expanding concoctions.

I cast spells. Actually, we all do. We are constantly spell-ing things. So I like to bring consciousness to it. To actively choose and be aware of what I’m “casting.” By recognizing the power of our words, thoughts, songs we sing, mantras in our heads, and prayers we send out into the Universe.

I believe in the power of ceremony, ritual, and containers for transformation. When we enter spaces with intention, it is more likely to happen in the way we desire vs. just aimlessly going about life. But I also know that these sacred containers allow our brains to enter altered states of consciousness (free from drugs), and magical healing experiences can happen from this place.

So why would I not want to use these extraordinary powers we all have access to? 

FEEL GOOD movement

Morning rituals

Nourishing food

Walks in nature
Brazilian Zouk
& daily dance breaks
Workouts with friends
Yoni Yoga

Tea ceremony
Journaling & oracle cards
Pleasure practice
Cold showers & Sauna
Sharing gratiudes

Adrenal cocktails
Grass fed beef & organs
Organic fruit
(mangos & figs are my fav!)


Ask me anything


Just one song... Oh my! That is hard. I love music. Anything I can dance to gets me going! Which is just about everything...

But I especially love high vibe music with lyrics I actually want stuck in my head (mantras are powerful). Ex. Rising Appalachia knows what's up.

song that gets YOU going


Living on a "Tantric" Catamaran as a "Pleasure Priestess." It was a wild and delicious time... I sailed the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey through the strait of Gibraltar up the coast of Portugal into the Atlantic Ocean. It was a dream come true... AND I did it wearing the exact same suit my mom went sailing in 48+ yrs ago.

moment you'll never forget


Stopping to smell the roses.
Being outside. Esp being outside naked.
Putting my bare feet on the Earth and letting mud sink between my toes.
Slowing down and enjoying every bite of my food... high quality sustainable food.
Feeling the wind on my skin.
Laughing until it hurts.
Dancing all night long.
Putting your phone away.
Finding pleasure in presence.
Sleeping on the Earth.

What are your simple pleasures?


Being a world traveler... I get asked this a lot! But I don't have a 'favorite place."

I do however, have a fav "setting." HOT SPRINGS BABY. I will often even build my tour routes off of them hehe. I'm obsessed. They are my medicine. A place where I can completely relax, clear my mind, welcome in insight and guidance from nature. This is where the magic happens for me!

your favorite place in the world...


If you don't ask, the answer is no.

So you might as well go after what you want and speak your truth. The more clearly you can communicate your desires and allow for them to be your north star, the more likely they will become your reality. 

advice you live by



Working with Brittney Bliss feels like a homecoming. She embodies unconditional love, and makes space for all of her clients to express themselves. I’ve been blessed to work with her in a group as well as individual setting, and no matter what she always shows up 100% and with her whole heart. I recommend working with Brittney if you want to go liberate yourself, unleash your dreams, and step into you deepest desires!

"As a son of immigrant parents growing up in an immigrant community, I came into sessions with Brittney from an upbringing around survival, shame, guilt, and scarcity based conditioning impacting self love, intimacy, relationships, sex, and sexuality. From my very first few minutes with Brittney, I knew I was in the right place. Her personality is sweet and warm, providing a comfortable safe space for me to explore and heal. After six months of working with her, I can feel the multiple areas of my life where I have evolved and/or healed; from the relationship I have with myself, to tackling sensitive issues through conversations with family and friends from my community, to dating and sex, to the relationship with my parents, all alongside a career change, a geographic transistion, and divorce. Brittney empowered me with tools and practices to navigate these challenges and better live my life. Her post session recap emails are rich with detail and include tons of resources and material for review and continued self directed work. I feel like a refreshed, healthier, more optimal version of myself. I'm so grateful for the compassion, professionalism, and custom-tailored approach she skillfully led me through. Brittney's work is exactly what our world needs today and she delivers it masterfully, through experiences full of love."

- Cassie

What can I say about Brittney that hasn't already been said? Okay, one thing: you need her in your life. 

Words that make me blush

How does it get even better than this?

My all time fav question / mantra to ask the Universe...

🌈🙏🏽 It always gets more magical when I create an opening and space for it to unfold. 🙏🏽🦄

It is with deep gratitude that I honor the lineages, teachers, and experiences that have been bestowed upon me. Thank you Layla Martin (Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality), Adi Shakti and Usha Anandi (Passion Yoga School), Akhanda Shakti Yoga, Mantak Chia (Universal Tao), Mahasatvaa Ma Anand Sarita (Tantra Essence), Gaia Ma (Tantric Way), Niss Bach & Freya Sandow (Thai Massage), Iain Armstrong (Shaolin Kung Fu & Chi Kung), Emily Nagoski, Yasmin Boland, Lara Briden ND, Toni Weschler, Lisa Lister, Christiane Northrup, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Rachel Carlton MD, Eyal Matsliah, Regena Thomashauer, Saida Desilets, Minke de Vos, Tami Lynn Kent, Miranda Gray, Amy Stein, Gay Hendricks, Allee Wild, Loren Lotus, Minnesota State University, and University of Iowa... and many, many more.

With reverence to the Blue Earth land and river valley’s in Minnesota which rooted and raised me. The Rocky Mountains and Andes Mountains which reconnected me with my spirituality. The Hawaiian Islands which awakened me. The seas that held me. The hot springs, rivers, and waterfalls which guided me. The land, people, animals, and cultures across North America, South America, Europe, India, Africa, and Asia which set me free.


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