Which means having conscious and thriving relationships with ALL of life.

You should be living a turned-on and connected life!

  • From your relationship to yourself (body, mind, heart, sex, soul).

  • To your relationships with others (partner, lovers, family, friends, co-workers, dance partners, etc.)

  • To even your relationship with the Earth, your purpose, & Spirit.

You're in the right place.

While empowering you to be the co-creator of your life. 
To reclaim your power, awaken your true nature, and reconnect to your life purpose. 

But it is also the fabric of life... the energy that connects all living things.
It can be accessed in non-sexual, heart, and soul centered ways that help you experience the ever expansive bliss of life.

Sure, it can be used to bring you to out-of-this-world pleasure. 
(Which I'm honored to have helped thousands of babes experience.)

Your sexual energy is your creative life force. 
It is pumping through all of existence and can be consciously used to create the life of your dreams (not just for making babies baby).

Ready to feel what waking up blissful and deeply connected to all of life feels like?

Aka I'm your down-to-earth and ready to talk about all things sexuality BFF.

I'm also your biggest cheerleader who is passionate about helping you up-level all of your relationships so you can live a life of passion, pleasure, and purpose.

My approach is backed by modern science and ancient wisdom, which helps people deepen their connection to Self, others, and the incredible world all around them.

I use revolutionary tools: the latest in neuroscience, somatic experiencing, classical and neo-tantra, aspecting and parts work, conscious kink journey's, shadow integration, meditation, breathwork, emotional liberation, communication, out-of-this-world pleasure, plant medicine, nature connection, wilderness therapy, and embodiment practices

With the core intention of supporting folks in healing, awakening, and connecting in a holistic and deeply fulfiling way... with lasting transformation. 

I'm a somatic intimacy coach, Tantra Teacher, & Wilderness Therapy Guide

Brittney Bliss


After my first coaching session with Brittney, I knew my life was going to completely transform... and I was one hundred percent right!

Sure, I have more pleasure and better intimacy now...

But the unexpected parts are some of the best parts... I now easily communicate my desires, honor my boundaries, show up more creatively in life, confidently express myself, and I've even healed many relationships in my life.


I have finally fallen in love with my FULL self. I have awoken parts of me that have been shamed and shut down for generations. I have reclaimed my entire existence and finally feel alive to confidently be me.

I was able to open up to Brittney about things I haven't been able to share with anyone. She truly listened and supported me with incredible advice and care. I couldn't have dreamed of a better tantra teacher or coach.

I'd hire her a zillion times over.


Who needs drugs when you can do breathwork with Brittney Bliss?!

 Seriously... She took me on transformational  journeys that psychedelics couldn't even begin to compare to.

I was held with the deepest loving care and presence which allowed for me to heal and awaken my sexuality in ways beyond my wildest dreams. 

I'm forever grateful.


I went from feeling shut down, numb, and only being able to orgasm from my vibrator...

To FULLY orgasmic. I'm talking full body pleasure and orgasms. 

After working with Britney, I have finally fallen in love with my full self. I have awoken parts of me that have been shamed and shut down for generations.

I have reclaimed my entire existence, feel aliveness in all parts of my life, and am finally confident in being me.

-Hunter & Erika

We hired Brittney for our 30th wedding anniversary... and I wish we would have done it earlier!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into... A VIP couples retreat curated exclusively for us. Let's just say I had my fantasies of what it could be.... and Brittney kept it very professional and yet pleasure filled.

While giving us the tools to actually make our sex even better than my fantasies! Who knew. Our Tantric weekend getaway was so supportive to spice things up, deepen our connection, and realize that there are infinite depths of intimacy that we can explore together... even after 3 decades together. 

I use a desire-based method to co-create with you the perfect container for your transformation. Through personalized coaching, you will be guided through several Tantric and Somatic Experiencing sessions.

These are incredible body based therapeutic approaches that tap into the innate wisdom of the body to heal and transform. Through this process, we can regain a deep sense of safety, joy, and aliveness, opening up new pathways for pleasure, intimacy, and self-discovery.

Each session is unique..  We let the wisdom of your body guide you on a transformative journey of healing and liberation.

1:1 or 2:1 online sessions & Packages

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Somatic Coaching

Busy bees
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Babes with trauma
Those who desire personalized care extra accountability.

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  • Orgasmic Liberation
  • Yoni Egg Initiation
  • Sex Magic
  • Sexy Self Love
  • Sex with Plant Medicine
  • Sexual Healing
  • Sacred Sexuality Series
      and many more...
  • Sensual Arts, Dance, Tantric, Rewild Retreats
  • Music, Dance, Tantra, Yoga, and Consciousness Festivals
  • Play parties, Conscious Kink, & Temple events
  • Bachelorette, Bachelor, Bday Parties
  • Workshops and classes at Universities 
  • Red Tent offerings
  • Rites of Passage
  • Nature Ceremonies
      and many more...

Workshops, Retreats, Temples, & More...

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I get hired for ALL sorts of fun events... From very vanilla PG educational workshops to out of this world erotic and kinky events. Have an idea? Send it my way!

Let's hop on a no pressure call to chat, get clarity around your desires, understand what is holding you back from having the intimacy of your dreams, and figure out what some of the next steps are.

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