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    12 Quests designed to take you on a delicious journey of reclaiming your sovereign sexuality

    Lessons: 1-2 hrs of educational videos with visuals per a quest, discussions, journaling prompts, and integration tools

    Embodiment Practices & Rituals: Descriptions and or videos of how to do each practice, audio recording to follow along with embodiment exercise on your own


    Sacred Sexuality Series

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    Quests are delicious rites of passage journeys that are designed to take you through initiation rituals of awakening and reclaiming your sacred sexuality.

    Q1: Sex God/dess Activation 
    Invoke your unique original erotic nature. Tap into the sacredness that already lives within you: Infinite creative life force energy. Understand the cycle of sexual energy and turn on within your body and your lovers.

    Q2: Divine Love
    Are you ready to drop the body shame, the limiting beliefs, and whatever else is holding you back from being head over heels in love with your incredibly sexy self? Good. This is revolutionary work! 

    Q3: Holy Desires
    Courageously go after your desires. Learn how to awaken, speak, activate, and honor them in a conscious way. Along with respecting the desires, boundaries, and safety of others… in a super sexy way. 

    Q4: Kinky Shadow Integration
    Diving deep into the underworld of your psyche… we will connect with your subconscious and unconscious parts of you that are self-sabotaging you from getting your desires (oftentimes because they love you and are trying to keep you safe).

    Q5: Emotional Liberation
    Emotions live in your sacral chakra. If you are not processing them in a healthy way… they are either exploding in ways you don’t want or are creating stagnation and blockages in your sexual energy. Resulting in numbness and disconnection from your pleasure. Not good! Learn how to lean into the gifts of each emotion and become empowered through them.

    Q6: Orgasmic Bliss
    Learn all of the core ingredients to orgasmic pleasure… including nonejaculatory orgasms, g-spot, cervical, anal, nipple, full-body, chakra, and many more.

    Q7: Healing Sex
    S E X U A L Healing… Marvin Gaye knows what is up. Many of us have blockages, stagnant energy, and trauma living in our sex. During this quest you will learn how to use pleasure to heal yourself, and your lover(s).

    Q8: Energetic Sex
    Mmm baby, are you ready to learn how to have multiple full bodied orgasms? Get ready for it! In this quest you will learn how to circulate sexual energy through your body, through a lovers, and have all sorts of out of this world pleasure. It becomes infinite when we are working with energy!

    Q9: Playful Sex
    This is where some even deeper inner child healing comes in. During this quest, you will drop into your innocence and curiosity. To explore and experience sexuality a whole new way… and discover even more ways to increase your intimacy.

    Q10: Tantric Sex
    Time to explore the Tao Tantric Arts. Sacred sexuality. Learn how you can use your sexual energy and intimacy with another to expand your consciousness… or even meet the divine. 

    Q11: Wild Sex
    Kinky, wild, primal sex! Oh yeah, we go there! Get ready to explore dirty talk, fantasy, and so much more.

    Q12: Sex Magic
    Learn how to use your creative life force energy, to manifest the life of your dreams.

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