I get hired for ALL sorts of fun events... From very vanilla PG educational workshops to out of this world erotic and kinky events. Have an idea? Send it my way!

  • Sensual Arts, Dance, Tantric, Rewild Retreats
  • Music, Dance, Tantra, Yoga, and Consciousness Festivals
  • Consent, Somatic, and Embodiment workshops
  • Play parties, Conscious Kink, & Temple events
  • Bachelorette, Bachelor, Bday Parties
  • Workshops and classes at Universities 
  • Red Tent offerings
  • Rites of Passage
  • Nature Ceremonies
  • Sailing Trips
and many more..

Nothing compares to being in person, deep diving into your desires, and receiving unparalleled support for your unique journey.

This is my all-time favorite thing to do with clients in collaboration with online coaching. I’ve found these immersions to be the catalyst to take the work we do together to the next level for an even more embodied transformation.

Meet me in Asheville or one of the many magical places I travel...
Or let's travel to the place of your dreams. I've spent over a decade traveling the world and know how to create the dreamiest experiences... From a wild nature adventour to lux spa retreat. You name it and I can help bring it to life. 

The possibilities are endless. This retreat is customized with you and your budget in mind.

Presence and awareness are what can make intimacy (of all flavors) more conscious, connected, delicious and appreciated.

Learning somatic embodied connection can help you experience being fully present and connected to your body - while connecting with yourself and or others through physical sensations, movements, sound, energy, and awareness. This involves recognizing and honoring the wisdom and intelligence of the body in addition to cognitive and emotional aspects of human experience.

Bliss Retreats

Private Immersions

I host and collab with epic folks from all around the world curating the dreamiest experiences... Check out some of my upcoming retreats:

Somatic Embodied Connection & Dance

DC Jan 14-19th
Boston Jan 19-26th
Miami Feb 9-15th
**Tantric Valentine Event - Feb 14th**
Cabo Mexico Feb 15-22nd
Playa Del Carmen Feb 22-26
Tulum Feb 26-March 3rd
Colorado March 13-19th

More to come!

Tour Dates

If you want a private, or to have me teach at one of your festivals, events, or workshops, send me a message.

I have some flexibility within these dates as well. Dates not listed I may be open to traveling.... (Nov is still open ;)

It is time to Rewild your beautiful heart, sex, & soul

You're in the right place.

Do you want to have a tantric getaway to one of the most sacred and activating places on Earth? 

Come experience the healing and luscious mountains where I am so deeply blessed to live. 

This area of filled with powerful energy vortexes and quartz crystals that will ignite you in ways you've only dreamed of possible. Located in the temperate rainforest, this area is wet and juicy. Life is vibrating all around us. The birds and the bees are just the start of it...  

The sacred waters are what called me here... healing drinkable spring water, hundreds of waterfalls, rivers, rainfall, and even a hot mineral spring to rejuvenate in.

The oldest river in the world is here, “The French Broad” or in the Cherokee language Tah-kee-os-tee. This sacred river flows south to north, just like the holy Nile and the Ganges rivers. This sacred current symbolizes the rising of kundalini energy (sexual creative life force) on the planet. This is a powerful and deeply supportive place to do tantric work.

These sacred mountains are also some of the oldest mountains on Earth (some say the oldest). These mountains carry that wise "grandparent" or "old shaman" energy here... meaning many express feeling deeply loved and supported while going through a gentle awakening process.

Doing energy work here won't "blow you out" but instead is patient and steady, like a beating drum, you will be guided on a tantric awakening journey that meets you exactly where you are, and I will take you where you want to go...

Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina

Emotional Empowerment - Learn how to consciously let this sacred energy flow through you vs creating stagnation, unconscious patterns, and dis-ease. Connect with the inherent wisdom flowing through you and alchemize it into nourishing energy.

Yoni Egg Initiation - an awakening and restorative practice that integrates the art of self-love and sexual energy cultivation, while keeping your sexual organs orgasmic and resilient. Yoni Eggs are used to train your pelvic floor to be able to relax and soften into pleasure and to contract and strengthen to support your vital organs. These practices awaken your sensuality, increase your orgasmic potential, release shame, trauma, and stuck emotions, balance hormones, and so much more.

FERTILITY AWARENESS & Menstrual Moon Magic - Reclaim the magic of your blood and cycles. Remember the wisdom that lives within each phase. Empower yourself knowledge.

Sex God/dess Awakening - connect in with your highest consciousness, deepest love, and your inner Sex God/dess. You will discover what your next steps are to thriving and receive an inner transmission to support you on your journey. Finally you will awaken and embody this part of you.

Vitalizing Breathwork - Learn how to use your breath to experience more clarity, life force, and even pleasure.

Sensual Bliss - Awaken your five senses through a delicious pleasure activation ceremony

Tantric Rituals & Meditations - Guided practices to experience more intimacy and connection. 

Desires Activation - fully awaken your desires, embody them, and allow them to be your guide... While also having the courage and confidence to go after them!

A little preview of what we could explore during our time together…

These are just a few of the offerings I've shared around the world... from retreats to festivals to private immersions.

Transformational Experiences & Workshops

Kinky Shadow Integration - Get a deeper understanding of what is holding you back from having your desires. Then we will work with your subconscious and unconscious mind to integrate these parts of you, with love, pleasure, compassion, safety, and whatever else is needed, so you can actualize your desires.

Sex Magic - Learn how to use your creative life force (sexual energy) combined with your pleasure to manifest your dreams. This can be an energetic breathwork ritual or a full on self pleasure ritual

Tantric Sex (I will NOT be having sex with you) - Learn tantric practices to have mind, heart, and soul-expanding sexual experiences.

Sexual Healing - Learn how you can heal yourself or a partner through breath, sound, communication, movement, and touch. Learn a profound Healing massage to release stored tension and trauma in the body.

Energetic Sex - Learn how to move creative life force through your body and feel your energy flowing through all parts of your being. This is the key to experiencing full-body orgasms and pleasure. 

Earth Embodiment & Ceremonies - Experience the healing powers of the natural world and explore eco sexuality. LEARN HOW TO MOVE EARTH ENERGY THROUGH YOUR BODY AND EXPAND INTO PLEASURE, connection, and nourishment. Work with plants and elements to support your awakening.

Authentic Relating - Experience open, honest, and genuine connection and communication in relationships and social interactions. learn the art of being present, listening deeply, and expressing oneself authentically without judgment or projections. The intention is to foster connection, understanding, and vulnerability among individuals and communities.

three-Yum - My hottest workshop to date... Learn how to connect in trios. From dance, to collaborating in projects... to you know a delicious ménage à trois. I am the three-some queen. ;)

Orgasmic Liberation - Learn the tools, techniques, and practices to experience 15+ dif kinds of orgasms to expand you into orgasmic bliss (lecture & discussion)

Stages of Sexual Development - Reimprint your sexual narrative by journeying through the sexual rites of passage with healing empowerment.

empowered Consent - I know consent workshops can get dull and boring... But this work is so freaking important. It is what creates safer experiences and allows for you to grow, have your desires in the most delicious way, and have super clear containers. Which is why I bring the spice and embodiment to my workshops to help get everyone excited about consent.  From somatics to non verbal to sexy af consent. this stuff will REVOLUTIONIZE your love making, dances, and even work life!

Sexier Safer Sex Convos - These important convos can get awkward so they get skipped... ekk this leads people into situations without clear boundaries and sticky situations. I'm here to change that. I have an epic formula for not only keeping things "safer" but for also making your connections waaay hotter.

Neo Tantric Puja - A sacred ceremony designed to cultivate a deep sense of presence, connection, and reverence for both oneself and one's partner(s). Participants may engage in various practices, such as breathwork, meditation, visualization, conscious touch, and sacred sexuality rituals, to awaken and channel their sexual energy in a sacred and intentional manner.

Neo-Tantric pujas aim to transcend limiting beliefs and conditioning around sexuality, fostering a sense of liberation, authenticity, and spiritual union. 

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Are you ready?

You want to live a life that allows you to experience awakened intimacy.

You want authentic relationships that leave you feeling inspired, deeply loved, seen, connected, and passionate.

You are ready to live the life of your dreams…
Connected to your purpose.
Turned on to life and spirit.
Aligned with highest consciousness.

Awakened intimacy is a conscious and transformative approach to relationships. The "awakening" doesn't end... it is a practice of continuously awakening to the present moment in the relationship and consciously choosing how you are showing up in ALL of your relationships. This is key being able to have the deeper and more fulfilling connections in your life. 

It is a powerful journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. It requires individuals to engage in ongoing self-reflection, personal development, and a willingness to step out of their comfort zones. It encourages individuals to approach intimacy with curiosity, compassion, and an open heart, fostering deeper connections, emotional intimacy, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

My approach to Awakened Intimacy often incorporates practices from various disciplines, such as mindfulness, tantra, somatic experiencing, and conscious relating. It invites individuals to explore their sensuality, sexuality, and emotional landscape in a conscious and awakened manner. Through practices like meditation, breathwork, conscious touch, and deep listening, individuals can cultivate a heightened sense of presence, connection, and intimacy.

This pathway of relating Involves a deep exploration of oneself, one's desires, emotions, vulnerabilities, and authentic expression, as well as a genuine connection with others. We go beyond conventional notions of intimacy and dive into a deeper levels of connection, where individuals are fully present, emotionally available, and willing to explore the depths of their beings with their partners. Open and honest communication, vulnerability, and the willingness to explore and honor one's own and their partner's desires and boundaries is essential. Which requires creating a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can express their authentic selves, share their desires and fears, and engage in deep emotional and physical connection.

Ultimately, awakened intimacy invites us to move beyond superficial connections and embrace a more authentic and meaningful experience of intimacy in our relationships. It offers a pathway to deepening our connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us, cultivating a profound sense of love, understanding, and presence.


Let's hop on a no pressure call to chat, get clarity around your desires, understand what is holding you back from having the intimacy of your dreams, and figure out what some of the next steps are.

Let's Start This Journey Together

What do you say?