I offer 1:1 and 2:1 somatic and tantric coaching for singles and couples who are ready to experience the soul expansive potential of awakened intimacy and out-of-this-world nourishing bliss.

Everything from more pleasure, epic sex, deeper love, conscious kink, healing your relationships, and beyond...

To also supporting people on living their dream lives using sex magic. See your creative life force (sexual energy) can be used for so much more than just making babies. Your pleasure can actually be used to rewire your entire nervous system with what you desire.

Juicy pleasure filled transformation!

It's time
to shake things up.

I've had the deep honor of helping so many people just like you. People craving more aliveness, more passion, more chemistry, more connection, and more Bliss in their life.

I help people from all sorts of different backgrounds and who are coming in with different desires. Everything from people who feel stuck, traumatized, and shut down to people who are actually feeling pretty good but know that there is so much more to experience.

I help people thrive in their life by using the creative life force their sexual energy to live more turned on and purpose filled life.

Ready to live the life of your dreams?
Filled with authentic connection, pleasure, and passion?

You're in the right place, babe.


You already know this important truth.
Now, it's time to act on it.

What are you longing for?

You're in the right place.

I like to look at desires as our north stars guiding us on our path. Now I know, we can easily get distracted and even addicted to desires that are not in our highest alignment. A lot of us also have conditioned desires based off of what society tells us we should be “doing” yet is not often in congruence with our true selves. 

However, I believe that if we are able to really tune in to our highest self, our deepest longing, and our biggest dreams, these are actually our guiding lights leading us on our souls paths. 

These are holy desires and following them will help you live a purpose filled, passionate, and connected life.

This is the moment you finally do something about your dreams & desires.

Delicious guided "HomePlay" tantric practices: to integrate the work we are doing

VIP voice messaging support BETWEEN sessions:
Ask questions, share about your process, stay accountable, and receive support when moving through challenges.

Powerful tools of transformation: Somatic experiencing, parts work, kinky shadow integration, breathwork, MEDITATIONS, & tantric rituals

Cosmic Sex & Love reading (Astrology + Human Design): Understand how the stars play a role in your emotions, your connections, your pleasure, and so much more

1 hour or 90 min deep dive sessions: We focus on what is alive & where you want to go


I create a personalized coaching packages specifically curated for you and your desires.

Together we will work through the challenges that are holding you back from living the life you long for.

This work is much deeper than just talk therapy - We get the mind, body, heart, sex, and soul on the transformation train too - While mixing it with PLEASURE.

Somatic Coaching

Online education: Access to one of my online courses of your choice. Either a replay from previous program or access to a future live offering

I've created a few different packages so you can decide which level of investment you want to make.

Customized Packages

Want to get a taste?
Book a one-off session to see if we are a good fit.

How about a month-long intensive?

Craving a total transformation? Let's go deep!

Get clear on your desires, understand what is holding you back from having your dream sex, love, and blissful life, be guided through a powerful somatic healing session, and learn some powerful tantric practices to support you on your journey.

You will leave with clarity about what your next steps are and have some of the tools to do it.

This is a no-pressure session and an opportunity for you to get a feel for my work to see if we are a good match.

This package is great for people who just want to come into the coaching container but don’t have the time or energy to do the additional deeper work outside of our time together. There are no additional homeplay practices, rituals, or lessons.

Some folks like to treat the 4 session package as a month-long intensive and others like to space it out a bit.

You can buy back-to-back packages if you want to go deeper or purchase the 10 sessions in advance if you would like to get a discount on rates.

(Packages must be used within 1 yr from the purchase date)

This sacred container supports you in radically diving into your desires, uncovering what is holding you back, and compassionately integrating these parts of yourself. You may be guided to connect with your inner child, heal your parental wounds, powerful sex magic rituals, sexual healing ceremonies, and so much more.

Online Education: Access to one of my online courses of your choice. Either a replay from previous program or access to a future live offering.

Cosmic Sex & Love reading (Astrology + Human Design): Understand how the stars play a role in your emotions, your connections, your pleasure, and so much more.

Delicious guided "Homeplay" tantric practices: to integrate the work we are doing.

VIP Voice Messaging support between sessions: Ask questions, share about your process, stay accountable, and receive support when moving through challenges.

Discounted alumni pricing if you desire more coaching after the package is complete.

(Packages must be used within 1 yr from the purchase date)

Intro Coaching Session

2hr Deep Dive session + 20 min check in the following week

One time use. New clients only.

Come in with a clear desire and let’s focus on it!

STRAIGHT to THE point 1 hr sessions (no add ons)

Options: 4 session ($1k) or 10 session ($2k) packages

Come in with 1-2 clear desires

90 min sessions
Guided practices, access to ONLINE course, voice message support between sessions

Options: 12 sessions ($4K) or 20 sessions ($5.5K) packages

Payment plans available

Purchase 2hr session for $300

Purchase Package

10 SESSIONs ($2K)

Purchase Package

12 SESSIONs ($4K) OR
20 SESSIONs ($5.5K)

Intro Session

Somatic Coaching

Somatic & Tantric Coaching




From my very first few minutes with Brittney, I knew I was in the right place. Her personality is sweet and warm, providing a comfortable safe space for me to explore and heal.

After six months of working with her, I can feel the multiple areas of my life where I have evolved and/or healed; from the relationship I have with myself, to tackling sensitive issues through conversations with family and friends from my community, to dating and sex, to the relationship with my parents, all alongside a career change, a geographic transition, and divorce.

Brittney empowered me with tools and practices to navigate these challenges and better live my life. Her post session recap emails are rich with detail and include tons of resources and material for review and continued self directed work. I feel like a refreshed, healthier, more optimal version of myself. I'm so grateful for the compassion, professionalism, and custom-tailored approach she skillfully led me through. Brittney's work is exactly what our world needs today and she delivers it masterfully, through experiences full of love."

I have lot of trauma and Brittney was able to hold me, guide me, and crack me open… FINALLY. 

I have been able to heal from past wounds and reclaim my sexuality. This is the biggest gift I could have ever asked for. Releasing the pain and shame I've had around my sex and stepping fully into my powerful sexual self.

Seriously... She took me on transformational journeys that psychedelics couldn't even begin to compare to.

I was held with the deepest loving care and presence which allowed for me to heal and awaken my sexuality in ways beyond my wildest dreams. 

I'm forever grateful.

As a son of immigrant parents growing up in an immigrant community, I came into sessions with Brittney from an upbringing around survival, shame, guilt, and scarcity based conditioning impacting self love, intimacy, relationships, sex, and sexuality. 

I've been seeing therapists my whole life. Brittney is next level.

Who needs drugs when you can work with Brittney Bliss?!

Rave Reviews

Imagine if you could

Courageously go after your dreams

experience full body orgasms (and even non-ejaculatory o's for men!)


have deeply FULFILLING relationships

fully and PASSIONATELY love yourself

How would your life change?

If you wanted to do this all on your own you probably could. You could read all the books, you could watch all of the free content on YouTube, and you could do the practices on your own. 

So why haven't you done it yet?

Usually this is because people don't have time to become experts, need accountability, and need someone to reflect back to them. 

But a deeper truth is we are not supposed to do things alone. Humans thrive in community. 

This is especially important when navigating intimacy and relationships. To heal attachment wounds you need to do that with another person. Working with a coach who has a regulated nervous system can help this happened in a very nourishing way.

Having a coach to support you along the journey allows for it to be deeper and quicker transformation.

Let's be real with each other, friend.

You want this.

You want to have awakened intimacy because it will revolutionize every aspect of your life.

You can deep in your relationship with yourself your body, your soul, your lovers your friends your family and even your relationship to the Earth. 

When you do this liberating work you can expand your consciousness and experience more bliss, pleasure, and passion in your life.

This work usually transforms my clients entire life... beyond their wildest dreams. You've been warned. ;)

We go so much deeper than just connecting with your sexuality… It is intimacy with ALL of life. Our work together will include your mind, body, heart, and soul. Including ALL of your relationships.

You will be presented with opportunities to heal your ancestral lines, physical and emotional trauma resolution, honor all parts of yourself, and awaken to your true nature.

After fully activating your desires, you will be guided through a somatic process to feel the parts of you that have fear and resistance towards your desires... aka the parts that self-sabotage (but are really just trying to keep you safe).

You will connect in with them, figure out what they need, offer them love and compassion, and then discover how to integrate them into your life, so you can get your desires. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ―C.G. Jung

I use a desire-based coaching system, so we do not spend all of our time focusing on what’s wrong or getting lost in the story.

Instead, we use your vision of where you want to be to motivate and rapidly propel you forward on your journey. 

This is a no-pressure FREE Sexual Awakening call. A time for us to chat, ensure we vibe, to get clear on your desires and challenges, get clear on next steps,  and figure out if we are a good fit.

Transformational Soul Sessions

Kinky Shadow Integration


BOOK A Free Discovery call


The Bliss Method



It may be written in the stars… but you will always have free will.
These systems are meant to EMPOWER you.

I love reading my client’s astrological natal charts and human design body graphs to gain deeper insight into their unique blueprints. 

We can explore everything from how energy flows through your body, to erotic turn ons, emotional waves, relational patterns, life purpose, deep wounds, karmic cycles, and so much more. This is really just the beginning of it all.



We will consciously work with the energy of pleasure and celebration to rewire your nervous system for thriving.

Pleasure is unique and ever-changing for each individual. We will discover where your current pleasure pathways are while also practicing expanding your capacity for pleasure… Which ripples out into all aspects of life. How much you allow yourself to be in pleasure is connected to how much you allow yourself to be in love, to be celebrated, to be abundant, healthy, wealthy, and thriving.

Sexuality is a natural and uniquely beautiful expression for all humans. I use holistic tools that take into consideration your entire sexual ecosystem, opening up a magical world that was completely unavailable before.

How my coaching packages work

book your free call to get started

Are you ready?

You want to live a life that allows you to experience awakened intimacy.

You want authentic relationships that leave you feeling inspired, deeply loved, seen, connected, and passionate.

You are ready to live the life of your dreams…
Connected to your purpose.
Turned on to life and spirit.
Aligned with highest consciousness.

Awakened intimacy is a conscious and transformative approach to relationships. The "awakening" doesn't end... it is a practice of continuously awakening to the present moment in the relationship and consciously choosing how you are showing up in ALL of your relationships. This is key being able to have the deeper and more fulfilling connections in your life. 

It is a powerful journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. It requires individuals to engage in ongoing self-reflection, personal development, and a willingness to step out of their comfort zones. It encourages individuals to approach intimacy with curiosity, compassion, and an open heart, fostering deeper connections, emotional intimacy, and a profound sense of fulfillment.

My approach to Awakened Intimacy often incorporates practices from various disciplines, such as mindfulness, tantra, somatic experiencing, and conscious relating. It invites individuals to explore their sensuality, sexuality, and emotional landscape in a conscious and awakened manner. Through practices like meditation, breathwork, conscious touch, and deep listening, individuals can cultivate a heightened sense of presence, connection, and intimacy.

This pathway of relating Involves a deep exploration of oneself, one's desires, emotions, vulnerabilities, and authentic expression, as well as a genuine connection with others. We go beyond conventional notions of intimacy and dive into a deeper levels of connection, where individuals are fully present, emotionally available, and willing to explore the depths of their beings with their partners. Open and honest communication, vulnerability, and the willingness to explore and honor one's own and their partner's desires and boundaries is essential. Which requires creating a safe and non-judgmental space where individuals can express their authentic selves, share their desires and fears, and engage in deep emotional and physical connection.

Ultimately, awakened intimacy invites us to move beyond superficial connections and embrace a more authentic and meaningful experience of intimacy in our relationships. It offers a pathway to deepening our connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us, cultivating a profound sense of love, understanding, and presence.


Want to learn the in's and out's of ALL things ORGASM?
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Want some free stuff?

Let's hop on a no pressure call to chat, get clarity around your desires, understand what is holding you back from having the intimacy of your dreams, and figure out what some of the next steps are.

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