By cultivating an embodied presence and attunement to oneself and others, people can deepen their connections and have more conscious relationships.

This practice supports people to authentically communicate from a place of embodied awareness - not just from words but also body language and non-verbal cues,  which allows for people to express their needs, desires, boundaries more clearly, promoting open and honest communication. This is the foundation for Awakened Intimacy.

It also supports people in being able to navigate challenges with more grace, self-regulation, emotional awareness, empathy, and create a foundation of mutual support and understanding.

Finally, it even helps build intimacy and sensuality through heightened awareness of sensation and pleasure within the body. While also building safety, trust, and overall well-being throughout all aspects of life.

Somatic Embodiment & Authentic Connection

the experience of the body in motion

Somatic approaches in life encourage a deep listening to the body, cultivating awareness of the felt sense, breath, alignment, muscle tension, emotions, energy, and the subtleties of movement.

Somatic Embodiment practices, like dance, yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness exercises are great ways to cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, self-regultion and integration of the mind, body, and spirit.


The concept of soma in dance goes beyond the mere execution of steps or choreography. It involves tapping into the expressive potential of the body, connecting with emotions, and creating an authentic and embodied presence moment to moment.
Soma in dance encompasses the integration of physical, emotional, and energetic dimensions, allowing dancers to convey meaning, evoke emotions, and communicate through movement in a holistic and visceral way.

a somatic embodiment and dance practice can have a profound impact on one's physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, promoting self-expression, self-awareness, and personal growth. It offers a pathway to cultivate presence, enhance mind-body integration, and develop skills that positively influence various areas of life beyond the dance floor.


Partner dancing is an exquisite journey of connection, intimacy, and self-expression.

When we engage in partner dancing, we tap into a realm where movement becomes a language that transcends words.

The dance floor becomes a playground where bodies communicate, harmonize, and co-create a beautiful symphony of movement.

Let's dance!

Deepen connection with another human being. Through dance, we engage in non-verbal communication, attuning to each other's energy, body language, and subtle cues. This heightened sense of connection fosters a deep sense of intimacy and allows us to build trust, vulnerability, and a shared experience of joy and exploration. 

You don't need a "partner" to partner dance. Aka you do not need to be in a relationship but can still get to experience connection (which most folks are deprived from). Most partner dancing is "social" dancing meaning you switch dance partners and get to explore various levels of connection with as many folks as you desire. Each dance can be an opportunity to creatively express yourself, explore various levels of intimacy, touch, and musicality. Also if you do have a romantic partner, social dancing has many benefits as well. 

Heal relationship wounds, create secure attachment, and enhance the overall well-being when in connection with others. Dance offers a unique avenue for emotional expression, trust-building, collaboration, and joyful connection, allowing partners to deepen their bond and cultivate a secure and fulfilling relationship.

Personal growth and self-discovery. As we dance with a partner, we learn to navigate and adapt to each other's movements, leading and following, and finding a balance between individual expression and collective harmony. This process cultivates qualities like adaptability, patience, and active listening, which can have a positive impact on our relationships and interactions off the dance floor as well.

Plus learning to dance is NOT always an easy journey. Personally I experienced a lot of growth just in committing to doing a hard thing and loving myself along the way... because it sure did bring up a lot of "unworthy" and "not good enough" stories that I was able to heal. 

Opportunity to explore sensuality and embodied expression. As we move in sync with a partner, we become aware of the power and grace of our bodies, discovering new ways to connect with and feel into our own sensuality. This exploration can unlock a deeper connection to our own desires, emotions, and physical sensations, fostering self-confidence and a more authentic expression of our sensual selves.

Physical health and well-being. It offers a fantastic cardiovascular workout, enhancing stamina, flexibility, and coordination. The rhythmic movements of partner dancing stimulate the release of endorphins, promoting a sense of happiness, stress reduction, and overall vitality.

Creates a sense of community, social connection, and belonging. Whether it's Brazilian Zouk, Contact Improv, Salsa, Tango, or Swing, or others... dance communities provide a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals of diverse backgrounds come together to share their love for movement. This sense of belonging and shared passion can lead to the formation of meaningful friendships and a broader network of social connections.

You don't need to be a "pro" to receive the gifts of embodied connection

Benefits of embodied partner dancing...

it is a transformative practice that enriches our lives in numerous ways.

May this be your inspiration to let the music guide you, and allow partner dancing to take you on a journey of connection, self-expression, and joy.

And it is safe to say I am def addicted to this incredible dance.

I help people thrive in all of their relationships - to self, with others, and even their connection to with the earth.

I'm also a Brazilian Zouk dancer & Organizer

 I love how the art of “leading” and “following” shows up in so many different aspects of our lives. I find great benefit in exploring other ways of connecting, especially creative, authentic, and playful connections. Dance meets a lot of these needs in my life and you'll often hear me referencing the benefits of various embodiment practices throughout all of my offerings.

I've also found great benefit in supporting folks getting into dance... oh how they are transformational (blog post coming soon).

But I've also found great benefit in supporting the dance community with various authentic relating and intimacy tools as well.

These worlds are different, yet also intersect. I love bringing the Tantric approach to life and dance. Seeing where the unconscious patterns are playing out and bringing consciousness to them. This is where growth and transformation happens. Which I'm all about. To me that is 'Awakened Intimacy." Weaving and expanding consciousness with all of life.

I use revolutionary tools: the latest in neuroscience, somatic experiencing, classical and neo-tantra, aspecting and parts work, conscious kink journey's, shadow integration, meditation, breathwork, emotional liberation, communication, out-of-this-world pleasure, plant medicine, nature connection, wilderness therapy, and embodiment practices.

With the core intention of supporting folks in healing, awakening, and connecting in a holistic and deeply fulfiling way... with lasting transformation. 

I'm a Somatic Intimacy coach, Tantra Teacher, & Wilderness Therapy Guide

Meet Brittney Bliss

My approach is backed by modern science and ancient wisdom

Hana is a dance and movement facilitator with a focus on somatics, embodiment, and trauma therapy. Hana’s background with movement began as a child, with 11 years of Bharatnatyam, a traditional South Indian temple dance. Hana’s upbringing in India was filled with yoga and meditation, inspiring her to obtain her Yoga Teacher Certification at 19 (2013), initiating her passion for embodiment.

In 2016, Hana began to explore somatic movement techniques, such as Body Mind Centering, Axis Syllabus, Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis and more, as well as contact improvisation. Since then, Hana has traveled to more than 7 countries, diving into several years of intensive study with world renown teachers such as Nita Little, Ray Chung, Kira Kirsch, Frey Faust, and many more. In the last two years Hana received her certification in integrative somatic trauma therapy and has been exploring the therapeutic benefits of embodiment and the arts.

 Hana has been teaching for the last 4 years with a focus on: sound and movement improvisation, expressive movement arts, exploring touch and sensation, solo improvisation, contact improvisation, anatomy in dynamic motion (influenced by the axis syllabus), and Body Mind Centering. 

Meet Hana Rakhshani

Somatic Intimacy & Embodied Connection offerings

Hana and Brittney merge their expertise of somatic’s, authentic relating, and embodied connection to curate exquisite workshops that can revolutionize your dance, relationships, and even dance communities... in the best way possible.

Important topics we love to cover:

  • Embodied awareness through somatics and attunement 
  • Navigating non verbal consent on the dance floor (and other important communication skills)
  • Authentic relating for more meaningful dances 
  • Exploring various textures of touch through connection
  • Weaving in neo tantric practices (breath, movement, sound, energy, emotions) for even more embodied and deeper connections
  • Emotional intelligence for healthier relationships and enhanced dance dynamics 
  • Keys to have safer and yummy sensual dances (expressing desires, boundaries, exploring touch, connection, energy, and more)
  • Understanding pleasure and turn on - how to alchemize your creative life force (sexual energy) to either consensually have even hotter dancers... or how to circulate it through your body (no more awk boners ;) 
  • Personal growth and self exploration - delve into your patterns, stories, beliefs, and limitations to experience more liberation through embracing vulnerability, expanding movementment repertoire, and learning how to do challenging things... Which can lead to increased self - confidence, resilience, and growth both on and off the dance floor. 

Let's hop on a no pressure call to chat, get clarity around your desires, understand what is holding you back from having the intimacy of your dreams, and figure out what some of the next steps are.

Let's Start This Journey Together

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